Blau's Saukville Meats

Your Favorite Meat Market since 1971

We do all of our own smoking in one of our 3 block smoke houses. The result is a delicious home smoked product with a great maple wood smoke flavor.

Smoked Meats

Bacon: Double smoked and thick sliced. The best around. Pre orders for large amounts are appreciated!

Smoked Tenderloin: a fully cooked piece of beef tenderloin, smoked and ready to eat.

Smoked Brisket: Fully Cooked and cut into strips or into bite size nuggets, they have a jerky like texture and makes for a great snack to-go.

Smoked Sausages

Beef Logs: a smokey snack stick available in hot (w/ or w/o pepper jack cheese) or mild (w/ or w/o cheddar cheese).

Summer Sausage: Plain, Garlic, Hot w/ pepperjack, or garlic w/ cheddar. 1.5 lb sticks.

Smoked Country Sausage: a breakfast seasoning, coarse ground and fully cooked.

Smoked Polish Sausage: a hint of garlic, fully cooked.

Smoked Cheddarwurst: a delicious cheesy smoked sausage, fully cooked.

Smoked Cheddar Brat w/Jalapenos: A cheesy smoked brat with jalapenos added

Natural Casing Smoked Wieners: A fully cooked smoked wiener available in 1/8 lb. or 14 lb.

Ring Bologna: Fully cooked.

Andouille: A great Cajun creole sausage. Awesome for jambalaya. Not too hot. Fully cooked

We also carry these great Wisconsin made products!
Great Smoked salmon and trout
Great Beef Jerky in 6 flavors
- Regular
- Pepper
- Honey BBQ
- Hot Jamaican
- Ghost Pepper
- Carolina Reaper